रुक जा अभी लौट आ (Stop Just Come Back)

This poetry is for those, who knows the truth but they are prisoner of their addiction, unwillingly doing the work which is hurting to them and their loved ones. I wanna say still you have chance come back to those who loves you the most.

“Please Come Back”

क्यो तु इतना अधीर हो रहा है? Why are you so impatient?

उस प्यार को तु क्यों भूल रहा है? Why are you forgetting that love?

अपने कृत्य से उसे दुखी न कर, Do not make him sad by your actions,

जो तेरी खुशी के लिये मर रहा है Who is dying for your happiness.

कुछ तो ख्याल रख, कुछ तो ईमान रख । Take some care , keep some faith.

उसके प्यार का तु कुछ तो सम्मान कर। Keep some respect of his love.

आजादी जो उसने दी है, The freedom that he has given,

गलत मत उठा उसका फायदा। Do not use as wrong.

जो तु उसे खो देगा, If you will lose it,

मरने का भी नही होगा तेरे पास रास्ता। You will not even have to die.

वक्त जानकर सम्भल जा, Know the value of this time,

रुक जा अभी लौट आStop It Just Come Back.

अपना ले तु उस सच्चे प्यार को, Take your true love,

आज भी तुझे जो बुला रहा। Even today that love is calling you.

Copyright © Namrata Bagh 14 March 2019

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