Everyone Has their own story

People were travelling in the train.That was a normal journey. Youngsters were busy on their mobile phones, ladies were talking, kids were playing, etc., like in every train journey. Suddenly, the train stopped on a station and two people entered one of the train coaches. It was a middle aged man with a 19-year old boy. They were father and son. When the boy entered, he was very excited, full of energy, and he was asking his father “Please daddy, I want the window seat.” He was so happy to get the window seat. He was watching the scenery outside and telling his father –

“Daddy Look, trees are going behind “

“Buildings are moving behind”

He was talking like a innocent kid.

Noticing this, the other travellers were surprised. They were wondering ‘Why is a teenager acting like a child?’.

One of them told the boy’s father : ” I can suggest a Doctor who can help your son”

Father Replied: “We are coming from the Hospital now, My son was blind from birth.Today he got his eyesight.So he is seeing the world for the first Time.”

Sometimes we are in so hurry to judge. Remember everyone has their own story. Be patient, Listen to their story. Don’t make your creative stories by looking at anyone. Ask and you will got the wonderful story.

“If you are not judge no need to judge.Because Everyone has their own story. Maybe you are wrong”

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