Treasure of Friendship

There were two close friends,Neha and Kriti. They used to share everything with each other. There were no secrets between them.They were best friends…soul sisters.

Neha and Kriti got jobs in the same company, though in different locations. They got separated. Both started to focus on their work. Each made new friends at their workplaces. Neha was content in her new and hardly missed Kriti. Kriti, though busy with her new life, missed Neha a lot.

Kriti sent messages to Neha everyday, but Neha after a point,started ignoring them. She replied one or two messages very late and rarely attended to calls from Kriti. This upset Kriti quite a lot. Eventually,  Kriti stopped messaging Neha. Neha did not even notice it.  

Uttam stepped into Neha’s life. He was handsome,understanding, and intelligent. They soon became friends and exchange numbers. Neha was attracted to him but held her emotions in check.Uttam sent a greeting everyday, but she kept from replying.

One day she finally greeted him back. Then conversations started and they started hanging out.Neha was so nervous inside but kept a confident front. Feeling started developing between them. They hung out quite frequently.

One day Neha suddenly thought about Kriti and decided to meet her.Uttam dropped Neha at Kriti’s place.

Neha introduced Uttam as a friend to Kriti. Kriti was very excited and happy to see Neha. Uttam went back home.

While conversing, Kriti asked Neha about Uttam.She vaguely mentioned that he was a friend and brushed the topic aside. They caught up on all the past months and were having a pleasant time. However, Kriti couldn’t get Uttam off her mind. She hesitantly asked again,

“Is anything going on between you two?”

Neha answered “No,I told you, he is only a friend. What makes you think otherwise?”

Kriti felt that Neha is lying but she looked at Neha and said honestly :

“I believe you, girl. Forget I asked. I know you would never lie to me.”

Neha was taken aback at Kriti’s trust and was filled with guilt.

Sometimes, while chasing behind potential dreams, we lose the important people in our lives.

Stop going behind temporary relationships.
Hold the person who care for you and love you selflessly,because they are rare.

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